About the VMI/PACCM Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program​

Simplify and demystify aspects of commercialization for scientists and investigators at PACCM and VMI

Enable and optimize the commercialization and innovation of investigator discoveries

  • Advisement to investigators in PACCM & VMI with the process of academic commercialization
  • Facilitate interaction with key stakeholders that enable commercialization at the University of Pittsburgh
  • Strategize for innovation/commercialization grants

Director: Jason J Rose, MD, MBA

  • Assistant Professor of Medicine and Bioengineering
  • Research focus inhaltional toxins and drug development
  • Co-founded Globin Solutions, Inc. 2017
  • Co-founded Omnibus Medical Devices, LLC. 2020
  • Navigated COI and University regulations for first biotechnology startup with >$500K equity value maintain officer & director positions

Administrator: Annie Watson